Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scania Navigation Map Updater?

Scania Navigation Map Updater is a free software tool available for PC. It is used for downloading and installing maps and related contents for the Scania Navigation.

What is automatic download?

Scania Navigation Map updater starts downloading all available updates after it has started in order to finish downloading maps faster. If an SD card has been detected, download progress will continue in the background.

What are Free Updates?

Free updates are new version of maps and related content which may be downloaded and installed free of charge for your Scania head unit.

Can I use an external SD Card reader?

Yes, you can use an external SD Card reader connected to your PC.

Why are some options unavailable?

Scania Navigation Map Updater automatically recognizes the eligible options for the detected SD Card and only offers the available choices for easier and quicker selection. It disables the options which are not applicable and/or unavailable.

How do I know if I have any updates available?

Use your Scania SD Card with the Map Updater to check for available updates. The Map Updater automatically recognizes eligible and available updates for the detected SD Card and offers them for download and install.

Do you have a contact center for support?

Please contact your Dealer for any further assistance.

Can I store my personal data on the SD Card?

It is strongly recommended to use the Scania Navigation SD Card exclusively for Scania head unit’s content. The card should not be used for storing personal data. Any changes to the SD Card’s content must be carried out only through Map Updater.

Can I copy the SD Card contents to another SD Card?

No, copying or duplication of the SD Card contents is prohibited under the terms and conditions of use. Unauthorized copying or duplication of SD Cards is also prohibited.

Is my Map Updater the latest?

The Scania Navigation Map Updater has been designed to check automatically for updates. If there is a new version available updating to the latest version will be offered in before Scania Map Updater would start. Updating is mandatory, only the latest version of the Scania Map Updater may be used for updating SD cards.

What languages does Scania Map Updater support?

Scania Navigation Map Updater is available in multiple languages. Please see the LANGUAGE selector to view all the available language options.


Scania Navigation Map Updater currently supports Microsoft Windows version 7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 onwards.

Why does the Map Updater require an internet connection?

Scania Navigation Map Updater needs to connect to online servers for completing various functions including detection of the SD Card and its contents.

What is Mapcare?

The term ‘Mapcare’ refers to a time period when map updates for the Scania SD card are free of charge.

Can I install available updates later?

Yes, all available updates can be installed at any point of time.


Any eligible updates which can be downloaded and installed free of charge are listed as available updates.

Can I cancel a download in progress?

Yes, you can cancel the Download process. However, it is recommended to let the Download and Install process complete successfully to maintain consistency and validity of the map contents on the SD Card.

How long will the download take?

The download time varies based on the content being downloaded and the download connection speed which is available for use during the download. It is recommended to use a broadband internet connection for downloading updates and new contents.

Why is the download and install failing?

Possible cause may be a network issue, an intermittent connection error, SD Card read/write errors. In most of such scenarios, the Map Updater is designed to display appropriate error messages to help identify the issue. If you are experiencing a consistent issue with Download and Install, please contact your Dealer for assistance.

How do I resolve CONNECTION ERROR?

A connection error indicates that the Map Updater is unable to reach the online update servers. Please ensure there is an active internet connection available and the Scania Navigation Map Updateer connection to the internet is not blocked by firewall, antivirus or similar software. If you are using a proxy server on Windows, please ensure ‘Automatically detect settings’ is checked for LAN Settings. This is typically accessed under Control Panel / Internet Options / Connection.

Why should the SD Card be unlocked?

It is mandatory to keep the SD Card in the unlocked state so that the Map Updater can write any required information which includes download and install of new content to it.

Why is there an insufficient free space on my computer?

Scania Navigation Map Updater needs to first download the selected products from an online server before copying the data to the SD Card. In order to install the available updates to the SD card ensure that your computer has enough space to store the updates.

Where is the SD Card?

The SD card is located in SD card slot 1 in the Scania Infotainment Premium system. It‘s simply accesible by pushing it in and taking it out.

Why is the Map Updater not detecting SD Card?

Map Updater only recognizes valid SD Cards designed for use with Scania Navigation system. Any other SD Cards will not be detected. If the SD Card is damaged or the data has been changed in any form without the use of Map Updater, it could result in the SD Card being unrecognized. You may also want to check if the SD Card slot on your PC or Mac is working properly.

Why is my SD Card not working in the vehicle?

Possible cause may be a corrupted state of the SD Card. Please note any error message that your vehicle is displaying and contact your Dealer for further assistance.